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In order for us to correctly and efficiently reproduce your artwork, we have a set of requirements that you need to follow to ensure your products are delivered just as you imagine them.


All clients are provided a free proof of their artwork before any production begins. You must review all layouts, colors, spelling and other details and submit the proof with your approval before we will proceed. If you waive your right to a proof, we are not liable for mistakes with your final product so it is highly recommended that you accept a proof.


These file types are generally preferred because they usually have the artwork in a vectored format if the original artwork is designed as a vector image. (SIMPLY CONVERTING AN IMAGE TO A VECTOR FORMAT DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY MAKE IT A VECTOR!) As a vector, the image can be scaled to a nearly unlimited size without a major loss in image quality.

• Corel Draw (*.CDR)
• Adobe Illustrator (*.AI)
• Encapsulated PostScript (*.EPS)


These file types can be accepted but are usually not a high enough resolution to use in production. These files are known as raster images and can not be scaled without image quality loss. If you submit art in these formats and want us to print directly from your file, they need to be at least 200dpi and to the scale of the item you’re printing (i.e. a 5′ x 4′ banner needs artwork that measures 5’x 4′. We CAN NOT scale artwork up!)

• *.PDF
• *.PNG
• *.GIF (Highly discouraged – generally terrible quality due to compression)
• *.JPG (Highly discouraged – generally terrible quality due to compression)
• *.TIF

If you submit your artwork in one of these formats, it may require additional time and fees to bring it up to production ready status.


We can not accept artwork in files that are word processor based (like Microsoft Word) or other office productivity software such as Notepad, Microsoft Powerpoint, Excel, etc.). Artwork generated in these programs (assuming we even have the correctly software to open the files) has a high chance of layout failure, especially if we do not have the fonts used in your design.

If you need your idea created but do not have access to external art sources, you can sketch your idea or desribe it and our art department staff will create artwork that meets our production standards. Please be aware that there may be additional fees for this service based on the complexity of your design(s).


A digital art file will look completely different on each monitor it is viewed on. This is due to various monitor / computer configurations which affect the way that colors are rendered on your screen.

The techniques that we have to color match your artwork vary depending on the process your order is being produced with. If exact color matching is a concern, feel free to contact us how we can best match your artwork. We strive for perfection but even best case scenarios only offer about 80% success with exact color matching.

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